Thursday, June 30, 2016

The Reaping

Title: The Reaping
Author: Annie Oldham
Pages: 296
Publisher: Annie Oldham
Genre: YA Fiction
Format: Kindle

I love this series that when I finally decided to pick up this book and finish the series I was a little sad. As I've mentioned before I've fallen in love with these books and I did not want this to end.

Synopsis: The government is on the verge of perfecting the loyalty serum, and Terra knows exactly what that means—the agents will have absolute control. Terra has survived the labor camp, the agents, and the soldiers who hound her as she brings nomads to the water's edge. But now she faces her most daunting challenge yet: she must return to the colony to ask the council—and her father—to help her destroy the loyalty serum. With the aid of old friends and unexpected allies, Terra races toward a confrontation that will decide her fate on the Burn forever.( From Goodreads)

Review: I love this book. It's written as well as the other books in this series. It takes us through Terra's emotions and determination to continue what she has started. While in other books I was no happen with the ending ( main character dying) this works for this book. While I was sad to see her die I saw it as a way to ensure the freedom of those she cared for. 

If you enjoy dystopia and want something new check out this trilogy. 

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