Friday, March 18, 2016

Infraction Review

I feel like this is a book series that is way under everyone's radar. After reading The Burn, I feel in love with this whole plot line. I finally got to the second book in the trilogy.

Title: Infraction
By Annie Oldham
Copy: e-reader
Pages: 280

Synopsis: Violent nomads. The coming winter. Jack's unspoken feelings. Leaving the relative peace of the settlement is more difficult than Terra ever imagined. But what she should fear most is the government that professes to protect its citizens. Imprisoned in a labor camp, Terra learns just how much the corrupt regime wants absolute control. Never has she felt more powerless to act. But there's always the call of the ocean, and her captors just might underestimate how powerful that call can be. (from amazon)

Review: I loved this story. It gives you even more idea of that the world had become and how an outsider copes in that world. I wish more people would read this series. I don't mean it needs to become a movie, but I think it's a really good series and this book is no exception. I read it one sitting because I was so drawn in. If you like YA dystopian give this series a try. 

My Rating: 

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