Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Burn Review

Look who's back with a book review!! Sorry it's been a while, but some how I have less time for reading now that I am out of school. I know it sounds backwards, but it's true.

Synopsis: When the world was about to break into WWIII a group of scientists and others create an underwater world to ensure they survive. Terra was born into the underwater colony. Despite how safe she is there, she feels like she needs to escape it.  When she finally does, The Burn as the US is now called is nothing like she thought it would be.

Review: I happen to come across the book while looking for fiction mermaid books. Not sure why this came up, but once I read that synopsis I was hooked. I never thought of an underwater  post apocalyptic setting. While not much of the book take place underwater and the colony is very sterile it is still a good read.

Okay maybe a l tiny bit of me was hoping this would turn out to be a little like Bioshock. It wasn't, but like I said this is a setting I haven't seen yet. This book is a quick read. It wasn't until I got closer to finish it and when they showed other books by this author that I realized this is an actual series. I could tell with how little progression had gone on that there had to be more books. So there are, which I have bought the next one because I am very curious to see what happens next.

While this book is decent it's not one of my top books. It's a new idea yes, but quickly it goes with the normal post apocalyptic world. I enjoy, but I was looking forward to an interesting new take on the genre. I think if you want a quick read that isn't too depressing then pick this book up.

My Rating:

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Working on books

Well soon I should be finally done with two books. I keep reading Game of Thrones and then putting it down because of how long it's taking me to progress. 

I'm almost done with a book called The Burn which is a dystopian book which is pretty good so far. I believe I'm about 75% through it and it's a fast read. I'llbe reviewing   that one soon.

The other book that I'm reading and I'm about 52% through called The Monuments Men. It's a nonfiction book about the men and woman who during WWII tried to save and find artwork and other cultural items from the Nazis. I have seen the movie yet because I wanted to finish the book first.

Also novel ideas for nanowrimo are coming in. Actually they're just novel ideas that I can use to try actually finish a novel. Who knows if I'll get it done but today it's been on my mind
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