Monday, April 15, 2013

Rough Waters Book Review

The book is by Kara Lynn Conyer and its about a 16 year old girl names Allanis who convinces a renowned marine biologist to take her on a research mission to figure out why this stuff called "the fouling" is stopping all ocean related industries. What they find is the cause is nothing they ever expected. Mermaids who thought humans caused an oil to pollute the water wanted a war with the merpeople.

There seems to be a little more marine biology and scuba than mermaids but that's okay for me. I skimmed over the scuba descriptions on how to dive because I'm a certified diver and I know how it's all done.

Overall this book was very interesting and I think it was done well. Not my most favorite book but good enough to keep me entertained. If you want an easy read with some mermaids and marine biology, check the book out.
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