Wednesday, October 31, 2012

NaNoWriMo 2012

So this blog will for the time being, unless I finish more books become home to my novel I am writing for NaNoWriMo. If you are unfamiliar with it, it's where people around the world during the month of November write a 50,000+ novel. This year I plan on doing it and finishing it too. I've done it now two other times and have yet to finish. My first year I really loved my book idea and that's where this blog get's it's name. I will work on it and finish it one of these days.

Last, year's was an interesting idea as well, but I lost focus and had no goal for it. Plus the idea I has was from years ago and I forgot most of what I had planned for it. So this year my idea was more recent and I've done some actual planning for it. I have a few hours until I can start and I wish that I could. I have been wanting to write this idea for awhile. I think it's a bit different. It's on the zombie apocalypse and I think it's different compared to what is out there. From what I have seen or read, which isn't much. I haven't been letting my whole idea out because I just want to hold onto that until it's finished. I do need an idea for the title. Zombie fighter is the current possible one, but I'm not digging it.  Possibly I will come up with something while I'm writing. If you want to add me as a writing buddy here's my profile link

Also, the local group has this novel booklet and I'll share it with you. Took me some time to print it out right, but you all might find it interesting as well. BOOKLET

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Run Like a Mother

So I have been pretty busy with school, taking care of my son and my job is starting to pick up so finding time to read is getting hard, but I try to squeeze in reading when I can. I have been trying to get into running and I found this book. I actually found their podcast first and then finally bought their books. I have their training book too, but right now I'm reading a pretty cool history book I'd like to finish first.

Rather than a synopsis since this is a non-fiction sports book I'll just tell you what the book is about and who it's for. This book is for mothers who either want to start running or new mothers who were runners and trying to figure out how to bring running back into their crazy mother lives. This book could also be for new runners who aren't mothers, but want some easy tips that might be beneficial to them as well.

Review: I did enjoy this book. It's one of those books that you wish to read before you did something. I found out a few things I did and later wish I didn't. There's a lot of tips not just from the two authors, but other moms who run as well. They cover a lot of different topics that deal with running. My one big complaint is that while I learned that I have a lot of building of milage before I can do the large races I feel like there was a few times were I felt like I knew nothing about what they were talking about. Mostly some of the running milage stuff like 2x400 or something along those lines. While they do make you feel like anyone can become a runner there are still times I felt a little unsure.

I'm sure once I get more into running and learn as I go things will make sense to me. I still think it's a great book and will probably go back to it for new information that I missed the first time through.


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