Sunday, September 30, 2012

Spider Bones

Finally another book finished. Even though school has started I have found a little time for reading. I started this book months ago and just lost interest in it. Once I did pick it back up I was ready to finish it.

Synopsis: Dr. Brennan gets caught up in a mystery with several bodies are misidentified years later and she has to clear it up, even with little help from the surviving families.

Not only does Dr. Brennan have to deal with this case, but a case of shark attacks and Detective Ryan, his daughter and Brennan's daughter all in the vacation home they're staying at in Hawaii.

Review: Even though I lost interest in the book after a while I did enjoy it. I think I was just not in the mood for a mystery novel at the time and needed something else. So it wasn't because the book wasn't good that I put it down.

I found the story about the way the US Government identified the soldiers from wars like Vietnam very interesting and I had no idea how it was done. There was some history thrown into this story, which I like since I am a history geek.

I gave this book 4 stars on Goodreads. It was a nice read and as I expected the Ryan/Temperance relationship is still not going anywhere, but I assume in either the next few books we'll figure out what's going to happen between them.

My Rating:

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