Monday, August 20, 2012

How to Survive the End of the World as We Known It

Yes, don't ignore this post if you think preppers are crazy hippies who are into conspiracy theories. It's a growing movement and lots of people are getting into it. This was the first book I read on the topic and while there is a lot to learn and more things I need to do in order to prepare I learned something that I should have already known after all my years of being in Girl Scouts, always prepare for the worst.

Synopsis: This book really doesn't have one. It basically is a guide on what you need to do so you are ready in any emergancy. Not just for zombies, or the end of the world, but in case a huge natural disaster comes into your area or even you loose your job and you need something to help keep you going while you are looking for a new job, being prepared for the worst could be the difference in saving your life.

Now I won't give away all the details, but just a few key elements of the book that I think are important to know and might help you figure out if you need to read this book or not. First of all Rawels points out the importance of having a retreat. This means a house or some kind of place you can go to when things get bad. It should be away from major cities and you can get their in one tank of gas. He says it's best to make this retreat your permanent home rather than a summer home, but obviously not everyone can just buy a new home int he middle of nowhere.

Another thing that stood  out to me is that you need to mentally prepare and have a plan. You need to be ready and understand that while things may be different, if you prepare for it, then you will be better off.

And lastly, that I am no where prepare for any kind of emergency.

Review: I enjoyed this book. I learned a lot and nothing was really familiar to me. With that said there were some things I just could not understand or grasp. It was technical stuff mostly like building certain things or how to change a car to propane power or something. Way over my head, but other than that it's a really good book. I recommend it to anyone who wants to see what you should be doing for being prepared for any kind of emergency.


Any because I know you will have this song stuck in your head due to the title here is the song by R.E.M

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