Wednesday, May 9, 2012

One for the Money Review

I only picked up this book after seeing the trailer for the movie... which I have not seen yet. It sounded like a book I would enjoy and a series that I might get into.

Synopsis: Stephanie Plum lost her job as a lingerie buyer and in a desperate attempt to make money to prevent her apartment and car being taken away she gets a job with her cousin as a bounty hunter.

Review: I overall enjoyed this book. It's not the best crime novel I've read, but it was decent. It was fast paced and had enough excitement. What I like most about this book is that it probably made a lot of women like me wondering if they too could be a bounty hunter or a police officer.

What I think this book that made me not completely fall in love with it and not sure if I will read the rest of the series is that Stephanie is too much like me and when I read a crime novel with a female lead that is not what I really want. So it's more of a person thing and not so much that the book wasn't good.

I gave it four stars because while it was a good book it wasn't the best.

My Rating:

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