Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Review, Contest and Giveaway Policy

If you are an author and would like me to review your book please send me an e-mail at When you e-mail me please include the book tile, number of pages, genre or genres of the book, when you would like the review done by. Please follow the guidelines below

What Books I Will Review
I will read just about anything I enjoy mystery, crime, paranormal/supernatural books, but those are not my only likes. If you have a book that seems up my alley then please contact me. I will even review children books since I have a son and I think moms would like to know what books to buy for their children. I am not into books that are like Twilight, but if you think I am judging too harshly then let me know. I am willing to try to read through your book and maybe you can change my mind about paranormal romance. I will not read and review erotica. It's not my thing and I can handle it in books if it's like here and there, but not if the entire book is about it. That encloses those smutty grocery store romance novels. Not my thing.

I have a Kindle, but not sure how you can send your book to me via that so an actual copy of your book is probably the best method. While I have mostly switch to the Kindle for doing a review for you I would like to have the actual book so I can comment on the cover and layout of the book, since not everyone has access to an e-reader.

What You Can Expect From Me
Since I am a college student and a single mom my time to read books is very limited. With that said I will try to read your book in 30 day from when I receive it and it will be put on the top of my to read pile. Once I have read it I will type my review for you in an e-mail and on my blog. I will also at some point will try to include it in a video review unless you prefer I don't.

I will give an honest review of the book. What I liked or didn't like about it. How many stars I rate it and other important aspects of the book I think my fellow readers or those who are interested in the book may want to know. It doesn't matter how much you beg me I will give it my opinion. Just because I did not like the book, doesn't mean your book is horrible. It just might not be a that speaks to me.

If you have a book or books you want to be give away to my readers send me an e-mail letting me know how many books you have. I would prefer that I have read the book first, but if that is not possible I will give the books away and save one for myself to read and review.

When you do e-mail me I will send you my address so you can send the books to me. Please use my address to only send books or other items that you let me know ahead of time. Do not sell or give away my address to others without my permission.

Everyone loves getting free stuff or wining. With that send each giveaway's rules will be post on the blog entry since the rules could be different. It could be a contest to see who has the best answer, a random comment selection or the first people to comment. So read the rules. If you do not follow them you are disqualified from that giveaway/contest only. If your actions are rude, insulting or in anyway not positive you will be banned from any giveaways on this site. I don't want to be mean, but there's no reason to be mean over a giveaway. So be polite and on your best behavior. 

If you are a winner I will announce it on the blog entry of the giveaway. Please make sure you have a link to your e-mail address so I can e-mail you and not only let you know you have won, but that I need your address to send you your prize. You will have one week from when I notify you about wining to send me your address. If you fail to send it to me, or respond I will select a new winner. I will try to get your prize to you in one week from when I receive your address, but if an issue arrises I will contact you and let you know the situation and when you can expect the book. I will insure the book and have delivery conformation, but I am not responsible if the USPS or who ever I have send the prize looses your package. 

Rules are subject to change so please check here often to make sure you know them. 

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