Monday, November 14, 2011

The Hunger Games Trailer

So yes, I know this is a book blog, but this movie is probably one of the books I have been looking forward to see as a movie. While I agree that the book is always better sometimes I enjoy to see it in a movie because there are times my mind cannot grasp what is being described in the book. I am not sure why, but there are parts of this book I tried to picture, but it was hard.

I like some fans are a bit annoyed at it being compared to Twilight. I think what they are trying to say is that it will be as big as Twilight, but not the story lines. They are completely different in my opinion. Bella isn't strong or a fighter like Katniss is. I had trouble relating to Bella were as Katniss was a girl I would want to be.

The Hunger Games is a dystopia book about a society where each region is responsible for one resource. District 12 is coal and that is because it is located what was once known as Kentucky if I remember right. Every year all the children 12 to 18 have their names put in a jar to be selected as a Tribute to fight in the hunger games. Because there was a huge war and the Capital was unhappy with their citizens rising up against them as punishment one girl and one boy from each of the 12 districts will compete. I will leave it as that so as not to spoil the movie or the book.

Here's the trailer:

My reaction of the trailer was extremely positive. I woke up just to watch it debut on Good Morning America because I have been looking forward to this movie as I had mention before. I was not sure what they were going to put in the trailer, but from what I saw they are keeping very close to the book. I am sure there is some parts that will be left out, but I think this one won't stray too far from the books. 

I was glad to see the reaping scenes, because that was one area I did have trouble imagining and now I feel like I understand it a bit better. To be honest I had a completely different image of District 12, I think my idea of it was more like small village in like 1800 England. I am not sure why I pictured it like this, but what I saw in the trailer was what I think how it was suppose to look. 

I also liked that it gave us enough to be excited by, but not spoil too much of the movie. Even though those of us who read the books knows what happens it is still good to be surprised to see how the filmed it. I know I would have been made if they showed more of the games. They left out some of the romance out of the trailer, which I liked because while there is some, it is not as important I feel than others. 

I think they gave a nice introduction to the main characters and anyone who sees this will feel like they know of what is going on without feeling like the trailer spoiled it. I know I hate to see movies after I realized that all the funny parts were in the trailer. 

So watch the trailer and if you have read the book let me know if it met your expectations. If you haven't let me know if it got your attention to want to see the movie and/or read the book. 

Oh and if you want to have it on your computer, the itunes movie trailer site has it for download!!!

And here's my own video comments about the trailer

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