Saturday, November 12, 2011

Discussion: What To Do With Unwanted Books?

I am sure we all have a pile of books we either don't want anymore or after reading you don't want to keep. So what do you?  One thing I do is take the books to Bookmans and trade what books they will take. They give you a dollar amount for store credit and you can buy anything in there store with it. I've boughten several books this way. The books that I just cannot get rid of is what I am not sure what to do with.

Some I wouldn't mind donating, but others I would like to make sure I get something for them or they find a good home. I know at one point there was some kind of website where you would register a book and then leave it somewhere and when the person found it they would make a note on the website that they found it. I am not sure if that still exists. There's also where you can swap with people, which is nice, but still doesn't help if you have books you just cannot get rid of.

I know some people recycle them into some kind of craft. Which is cool, but whatever you don't want to do that? I really do not have any suggestions, but maybe some of you do. Let me know what you do. You can e-mail me, comment or do a video if that works for you. Please let me know because I am sure there are plenty of others who are stuck with books they would like to free up your bookshelf for more books.

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