Thursday, November 10, 2011

Bodies We've Buried Review

So CSI is a big thing now. And yes, I do like to watch the shows and a part of me wants to be a CSI I know there's is little reality to what those shows portray. With that said this book is a nice introduction into some simple things a CSI does or needs to learn to be somewhat successful. I spotted this book at Bookmans while I was waiting for them to go through the books I brought in and I knew I had to read this. I am a criminal justice and criminology major and while I am not sure what area I would like to get into, forensics does interest me a bit. So I bought this book hoping it would help.

Synopsis: The National Forensic Academy trains law enforcement officials how to collect and analysis the evidence found at a crime scene. They spend 10 weeks learning how to process a scene, take photos, get fingerprints, how bombs work, and everything they will need to know in order to help their own investigations or start a forensic unit in their department.

The book is written by two of the employees who from the start has to come up with legal ways to recreate crime scenes so the students will get actual hands on experience and know what to look for. Their story tells us how the pros really do it and why it's not as simple as TV makes this job to be.

Review: After reading this book, I am pretty certain forensics is not for me. While I understand it's importance I am not a scientific mind, even though I work with plenty of people who are. I think it was a great idea for me to pick this books up.

My favorite thing about the book was reading about how the two authors went about getting enough blood for recreating murder scenes, house fires and other scenarios their students are likely to experience. You can tell that this training course is well worth it, when some programs on just one topics just lecture their students.

I gave this book 3 stars. The reason for it that some of the science was a bit over my head. They did try to explain it and neither author has a science background. I just did not understand it all. Though if they did spend the time to explain ever little thing, that would take away from the book itself.

So it was a good book, a nice read and I think is a must for anyone even thinking about forensics or crime scene investigation.


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